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Package Features

This package implements some equations of state (EOS) of solids which are useful in research. It currently includes:

  1. Murnaghan1st EOS
  2. Birch–Murnaghan EOS family:
    1. BirchMurnaghan2nd
    2. BirchMurnaghan3rd
    3. BirchMurnaghan4th
  3. Vinet EOS
  4. Poirier–Tarantola EOS family:
    1. PoirierTarantola2nd
    2. PoirierTarantola3rd

The formulae are referenced from Ref. 1.

This package also includes linear and nonlinear fitting methods, which are also referenced from Ref. 1.

  • Calculate the energy, pressure, and bulk modulus of an EquationOfStateOfSolid on a volume (an array of volumes).
  • Fit an EquationOfStateOfSolid on a series of $E(V)$ data using the least-squares fitting method or a linear fitting method.
  • Find the corresponding volume of energy, or pressure, given an EquationOfStateOfSolid.
  • Handle unit conversion automatically in the above features.

The old EquationsOfState.jl package has been superseded by EquationsOfStateOfSolids.jl. So please just use EquationsOfStateOfSolids.jl.


  1. A. Otero-De-La-Roza, V. Luaña, Comput. Phys. Commun. 182, 1708–1720 (2011).
  2. R. J. Angel, M. Alvaro, J. Gonzalez-Platas, Zeitschrift Für Kristallographie - Cryst Mater. 229, 405–419 (2014).


The package can be installed with the Julia package manager. From the Julia REPL, type ] to enter the Pkg REPL mode and run:

pkg> add EquationsOfStateOfSolids

Or, equivalently, via the Pkg API:

julia> import Pkg; Pkg.add("EquationsOfStateOfSolids")   Resolving package versions...
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   Installed UnPack ─────────────────── v1.0.2
   Installed EquationsOfStateOfSolids ─ v0.4.2
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  [d360d2e6] + ChainRulesCore v1.15.3
  [9e997f8a] + ChangesOfVariables v0.1.4
  [38540f10] + CommonSolve v0.2.1
  [bbf7d656] + CommonSubexpressions v0.3.0
  [187b0558] + ConstructionBase v1.4.1
  [9a962f9c] + DataAPI v1.10.0
  [b429d917] + DensityInterface v0.4.0
  [163ba53b] + DiffResults v1.0.3
  [b552c78f] + DiffRules v1.11.1
  [31c24e10] + Distributions v0.25.68
  [ffbed154] + DocStringExtensions v0.9.1
  [fa6b7ba4] + DualNumbers v0.6.8
  [0438fec6] + EquationsOfState v4.0.0
  [1eaa2786] + EquationsOfStateOfSolids v0.4.2
  [1a297f60] + FillArrays v0.13.2
  [6a86dc24] + FiniteDiff v2.15.0
  [f6369f11] + ForwardDiff v0.10.32
  [34004b35] + HypergeometricFunctions v0.3.11
  [3587e190] + InverseFunctions v0.1.7
  [92d709cd] + IrrationalConstants v0.1.1
  [692b3bcd] + JLLWrappers v1.4.1
  [2ab3a3ac] + LogExpFunctions v0.3.18
  [2fda8390] + LsqFit v0.12.1
  [1914dd2f] + MacroTools v0.5.9
  [e1d29d7a] + Missings v1.0.2
  [d41bc354] + NLSolversBase v7.8.2
  [77ba4419] + NaNMath v1.0.1
  [87e2bd06] + OptimBase v2.0.2
  [90014a1f] + PDMats v0.11.16
  [3a141323] + PolynomialRoots v1.0.0
  [f27b6e38] + Polynomials v3.2.0
  [21216c6a] + Preferences v1.3.0
  [1fd47b50] + QuadGK v2.4.2
  [3cdcf5f2] + RecipesBase v1.2.1
  [189a3867] + Reexport v1.2.2
  [ae029012] + Requires v1.3.0
  [79098fc4] + Rmath v0.7.0
⌅ [f2b01f46] + Roots v1.2.0
  [efcf1570] + Setfield v1.1.1
  [a2af1166] + SortingAlgorithms v1.0.1
  [276daf66] + SpecialFunctions v2.1.7
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  [4c63d2b9] + StatsFuns v1.0.1
  [4093c41a] + StructHelpers v0.1.4
  [3a884ed6] + UnPack v1.0.2
  [1986cc42] + Unitful v1.11.0
  [efe28fd5] + OpenSpecFun_jll v0.5.5+0
  [f50d1b31] + Rmath_jll v0.3.0+0
  [8ba89e20] + Distributed
  [9fa8497b] + Future
  [2f01184e] + SparseArrays
  [10745b16] + Statistics
  [4607b0f0] + SuiteSparse
  [8dfed614] + Test
  [05823500] + OpenLibm_jll v0.8.1+0
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  • DEVdocumentation of the in-development version.

Project status

The package is tested against, and being developed for, Julia 1.6 and above on Linux, macOS, and Windows.

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Contributions are very welcome, as are feature requests and suggestions. Please open an issue if you encounter any problems. The contributing page has a few guidelines that should be followed when opening pull requests and contributing code.

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